smart video surveillance

  • Free for up to 16 cameras
  • Video analytics and reports
  • UDC support and transportation security certificate
Free for up to 16 cameras
This is enough for video surveillance of a target area up to 150 square meters. Support for Unified Data Center (UDC), video analytics and reports are available in full even in the free edition.

As your business grows, you will be able to extend the license for more cameras, or move to the edition for large enterprises.
Transport Safety Certificate
Insentry can be installed at transport infrastructure facilities: at railway and other stations, inside train carriages, and at public transport stops.

The system is certified according to Government Decree No. 969.
Video analytics and reports
Available in full in all editions, regardless of the number of cameras.
Detects crowds, falls, and movement in forbidden directions and in secure zones
Identify left objects, fire detectors, and intrusions
Insentry is suitable for video surveillance for a private home, store, shopping center, train station or factory.
Instant incident notifications. Video footage from cameras is recorded in the archive.
Retail and sales
Reports on visitors (quanity, sex, age, emotions) will help you evaluate store traffic, draw up marketing strategies and monitor the work of salespeople.
The detectors will help you find places where crowds of people and vehicles accumulate, optimize operations of ticket offices and vending machines, ensure safety, and supervise passenger flow
Editions and prices
  • The first 16 cameras are free
  • One server
  • Archive recording from cameras
  • All video analytics and reports
  • Regular updates
  • All Professional Edition features
  • No limit on number of servers
  • Clustering and fault tolerance
  • Configurable incident handling scenarios
Find price
License cost (16 cameras)
100 000 ₽
On request
Cost of additional AnyIP channel (starting from the 17th camera)
1 250 ₽
6 250 ₽
On request
Number of cameras in basic configuration
Maximum number of servers
Configurable incident handling scenarios
"Thick" client
Server clustering and fault tolerance
Components work on different servers
Control external video walls
Edge storage support
Long-term storage
Search recordings by events
Linux and Windows version
Virtualization support
Centralized system administration
PTZ camera control
Configuration import/export
Automatic discovery and connection of devices
Role-based access control model
Client web version
ONVIF device support
Monitoring of system components
Network storage support
Scheduled archive recording
Assign recording quota per camera
Select areas/masks for detectors
Service detectors
Motion detector
License plate detector
Detector of movement in a prohibited direction
Intrusion detector
Abandoned object detector
Crowd detector (crowds, queues)
Fire detector
People counting
Determination of sex, age and emotions
Retransmit live video over RTSP
Relay archive via RTSP
UDC integration
You can find detailed instructions on the initial setup and working with detectors in our knowledge base
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