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Version history
Version 21.1
Build from 04/15/2021

  • New: Full video analytics support in Docker container on Linux
  • New: Insentry video player can now be embedded in your projects
  • Improvement: Video URLs from cameras from several manufacturers are supported correctly
  • Improvement: Insentry API prepared for publication
  • Improvement: Setting up directories for archive storage is now easier and more intuitive
  • Improvement: Divided the output of available storage space in the archive from total disk space
  • Fixed: After restarting the detector, its status did not change
  • Fixed: Detector state is shown correctly
  • Fixed: Service indications in maintenance mode
  • Work performed to find and fix errors in queries, filters and rights

Build from 03/04/2021

  • New: Ability to share a link to access a video in the archive
  • New: Redesigned the UI for adding rules for writing to the archive
  • New: Indicators for recording and video analytics in live
  • Improvement: When adding new cameras, the system will select the vendor and model for you. If there is an error, you can change it in the camera settings
  • Improvement: New look for the top menu
  • Improvement: New compact view for the camera list
  • Improvement: Archive player now shows the fragment that is currently being written
  • Improvement: Archive player remembers the scale and position of the player when switching between cameras
  • Fixed: We found and fixed an insidious bug with deleting an archive located on a network directory after losing connection with this directory. ⚠️ Be sure to update if using non-local storage
  • Fixed: Expanded the clickable area for camera settings in the admin area and fixed many other UI elements to make it even more user-friendly
  • Fixed: Display of video analytics annotations in archive
  • Fixed: Message texts in many places are now easier to understand
  • Fixed: Export button sometimes didn't work in archive until page was reloaded
  • Fixed: camera licensing errors on large installations
  • Fixed: Now, in all password fields, browser autocorrect or third-party programs will not change the password without your knowledge

Build from 01/27/2021

  • Fixed: Not all changes and improvements fromversion 21.1 were included in Build Now they should all be present.

Build from 01/26/2021

  • New: Screenshot creation from live video and from archive
  • New: Digital zoom function in live video and in the archive, if you need to examine a detail
  • New: Ability to give any user administrator rights in the system (and revoke them if necessary)
  • New: Enable recording of the archive "on demand" from the layout with live video
  • New: Logging of all user actions in a separate file (logging in, logging out, changing the password, administrator assignments, playing a video, etc.)
  • Improvement: Added saving screenshots with a vehicle in the license plate detector, when triggered (works independently of the function for recording video to the archive)
  • Improvement: Simplified adding cameras — now the vendor and model are detected automatically (and can be fixed manually if something goes wrong)
  • Improvement: Simplified quick jumps to the previous or next period in the video analytics event reports
  • Improvement: Moved the entrance to the user settings in the top menu and made a separate button for logging out
  • Fixed: Reboot of the Gender-Age-Emotion detector when working with recognition in a given zone
  • Fixed: Display of detector statuses in the list of cameras in the "Management" section
  • Fixed: Optimized queries, fixed bugs, accelerated functioning
Version 20.1
Build from 12/15/2020

  • New licensing policy: version up to 16 cameras is completely free
  • Full Linux and Docker support
  • New detectors in distribution
  • Operator and administrator interface available in 1 app
  • Many UI improvements
  • Improved the stability of archive services, relay, video analytics
Version 19.2
Build from 01/20/2020

  • Video analytics: Many updates to the Gender-Age-Emotion detector, improved detection accuracy, made more convenient display over video
  • Video analytics: New video decoding engine. Reduced CPU load when multiple detectors operate on one camera
  • Improved hardware support (Hikvision, Dahua, Tantos IP cameras)
  • Improvements in the user and administrator interface

Build from 10/25/2019

  • Video analytics: Optimized detector functioning. When several detectors function on one camera, the CPU load has decreased
  • Video analytics: New mechanism for detectors to work with memory. Allows launching more instances of the same detector. Implemented "Abandoned Items," "Gender, Age, Emotions" and "People Counting" in detectors
  • Video Analytics: A new Abandoned Objects detector is included in the distribution (and all Insentry editions)
  • Video Analytics: A new Vehicles detector (beta) is included in the distribution (and all Insentry editions)
  • Expanded list of supported equipment (HiWatch IP cameras)
  • Fixed bugs in user and administrator interface

Build from 08/10/2019

  • Improvements to the installer: Mechanism for saving and loading data when reinstalling or updating the program
  • Improvements to the installer: Made mandatory system components non-disconnectable
  • Web client: Saving the last layout in view mode when switching to other sections and back
  • Support for Core.16 and Core.64 partner licenses
  • Video analytics: Improved algorithm for determining video card model and calculating resources available for launch
  • Expanded list of supported hardware
  • Fixed several small and annoying bugs in the user and administrator interface
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