License plate recognition
License plate recognition in Insentry can help you control vehicle entry and exit in restricted areas, parking lots, gas stations, and car washes. You don't need to buy it separately — video analytics works
in all Insentry editions, including the free edition.
Parking lots and restricted areas
Turn on license plate recognition on the camera installed at the entrance to the parking lot and other restricted areas in order to:

  • automatically calculate parking duration and cost
  • maintain a list of vehicles entering and exiting
  • configure automatic opening of the entrance gate for authorized vehicles
Car washes
Insentry will automatically generate a list of license plate numbers. Compare the number of receipts per day with the number of serviced cars from the list provided by the detector. This way you can make sure that each wash has been paid through the cash register.

Install the camera at the exit — license plate recognition works better on clean cars than on dirty ones.
Gas stations
Supervise the entire fueling process, start to finish. A customer who spills gasoline or leaves without paying will be easy to find using the license plate number.
How it works
If a license plate is in the frame and clearly visible and legible, then the detector displays the number on the screen and saves it to a database. Along with the plate number, you can also save a screenshot of the vehicle entering the space.

License plate number lists can be used to configure gates to open automatically for certain vehicles, loaded into an external access control system or the 1C program, or saved for whatever you might need.

The system only recognizes the Russian Federation regional format (GOST Р 50577-2018).

Video analytics is configured for each camera separately.
Editions and prices
  • The first 16 cameras are free
  • One server
  • Archive recording from cameras
  • All video analytics and reports
  • Regular updates
  • All Professional Edition features
  • No limit on number of servers
  • Clustering and fault tolerance
  • Configurable incident handling scenarios
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You can find detailed instructions on the initial setup and working with detectors in our knowledge base
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