Server requirements
Tell us how you are going to use Insentry. We'll automatically calculate the appropriate server parameters.

Set project parameters:

Number of cameras
Number of servers
Duration of continuous archive recording, days
Maximum camera resolution
Intensity of movement of objects
FPS, frames per second
Using video analytics detectors:

How many instances of each detector are you planning to launch?

Camera tampering detector
Motion detector
Crowd detector, queue size
Determination of gender, age and emotions
Detector of movement in a prohibited direction
Restricted area detector
People counting
Vehicle detector, license plate recognition
Failed to auto-pick server parameters. Contact the manager to make an individual calculation:

Recommended server settings

RAM size
Video card
Storage volume
Number of hard drives
Warning! This is a rough estimate. To get an accurate calculation for your project free of charge, contact support.
You can find detailed instructions on the initial setup and working with detectors in our knowledge base
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